Zarządzanie procesami

Process management

Well-designed and managed business processes are crucial to ensure the competitive advantage of a company.
When we carry out process management projects in Europe and in the world, we combine strategic assumptions
with measurable results and financial benefits.



The interdisciplinary energetics group operating under Area Energy Oil & Gas Ltd. offers advanced complex and reliable solutions
to companies from the energetics, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors.



Area Energy Oil & Gas Ltd. provides its Clients with complex engineering and consulting services at each stage of the project.

We combine wide experience with specialist technical and managerial knowledge, and we successfully provide design, consulting, management and investment control services.

Regardless of the scale of the investment, we approach our duties comprehensively. Thanks to multi-sector competencies we are capable of implementing even the most complex projects which require the contribution and integration of many design disciplines. We have a wide specialist knowledge which makes for the highest standards in the course of the entire undertaking:

  • consulting and preparation of the investment,
  • multi-sector design,
  • management and control of the investment.

Based on our long experience and technical competencies we offer consulting services for investments that are at the planning stage, and such which are in the course of implementation. We offer professional consulting services and services regarding the formal and technical aspects of preparation of an investment:

  • feasibility studies,
  • spatial planning,
  • functional programmes,
  • tender documentation,
  • investment strategies and plans for acquisition of investment financing,
  • environmental reports,
  • independent expert opinions,
  • due diligence reviews,
  • acquisition of permits and administrative decisions,
  • public consultations and PR activities.

Oil and gas rank among the materials which prevail in nearly all areas of contemporary life. It is hard to imagine our life without these resources and products based on them. Professional design and consulting services in the oil and gas sector have been our distinguishing marks for many years.

Over the years we have completed a number of significant oil-gas projects concerning the extraction, transfer and storage of the materials.

Thanks to our long experience and rich technical knowledge we can provide our Clients with professional and reliable solutions consistent with the best engineering practices. We offer complex services in the following areas:

  • development infrastructure for oil and gas reserves,
  • pipeline transport systems,
  • underground gas and oil storage,
  • oil and LNG terminals,
  • refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants.
Transakcje M&A

M&A transactions

A typical M&A transaction concerns the purchase or sale of the entire or a part of a block of shares in a company. Usually, the transaction concerns controlling interest or 100% of shares in the company.

The sale of a company is a very complex process. There is more to a company than financial statements. We know that a company is a group of unique people who are entrusted with tasks aimed at particular economic success, which, in turn, is the subject of interest of the owners. We understand these facts and we shape every sales process so that it highlights the unique features of the company being sold, and the individual expectations of its owners.

1. Analysis of the company

We start with the definition of aspects which make the company a market leader, sometimes operating on a highly specialized market. Our analysis focuses on the unique features of the Client which determine its success and project the longevity of the success at the same time. We believe that the understanding of the sources of the market success of the company is the key for the purchaser to offer the best price.

2. Preparation of documents

In the next step we prepare marketing investment documentation adjusted to the Client’s profile, which provides a complex description of all aspects of the company’s success. We have knowledge and experience required to prepare highly professional and graphically appealing presentations which highlight the accomplishments of the company and its potential for development in the future. The process of preparing documents is carried out in such a way as to minimize the operational contribution of the Client, but it provides the Client with full control over the end product and the scope of presented information.

3. Contacts with potential investors

An adequate sales process starts with the search for potential buyers, whose profile, activity on the merger and acquisitions market, and the strategic ambitions suggest that it is highly probable that the buyer will be interested in the acquisition of the company. In our work, and particularly in the course of the search for potential investors, we make use of our own contacts, but we also have access to advanced databases and analytical tools. Then, we contact each of the selected investors by phone or we arrange a meeting to evaluate the interest of the investor in a direct conversation. Area Energy Oil & Gas Ltd. does not make use of mass mailing, large-scale telephone actions or actions conducted by agents. We prefer direct contact with the decision makers from our list of potential investors, and we prepare the Client for negotiations in a comprehensive way.

4. Negotiations

When we have established a selection of potential buyers, we move on to the next stage of the sales process, i.e. the verification of the investors to determine which one of them meets the expectations of company owners to the greatest extent. And though the price does not cease to be the crucial criterion, the company owners usually aim for the elimination or, at least, significant limitation of their legal and financial liability towards the company from the moment the buyer assumes control over the company. In the course of negotiations we strive to identify transaction parameters which satisfy the specific conditions of the seller. We give particular attention to the transparency and clarity of the process, and we encourage the Client and the potential buyer to enter into an open and honest dialogue about the condition of the company, its value and potential risks from the point of view of the buyer.

5. Conclusion of the transaction

Upon the signature of transaction documents, there is still a lot of work to be done before the transaction is finalized. It usually involves the acquisition of all types of administrative permits and approvals of appropriate authorities, organizational integration, the change in the composition of the company’s governing bodies, publishing the information about the transaction and the formulation of the final versions of documents and contracts. Area Energy Oil & Gas Ltd. has supervision over the entire process, it makes recommendations as to the selection of specialist legal advisers and other consultants, and supports the parties in the quick and efficient finalization of the transaction. It makes our company special and encourages Clients to contact us with new business proposals.

EREA ENERGY Gas & Oil Ltd.